The Power of Mind Setting

Written by ISIDRO JR B ANDEA| WalkaTalk Story Series – The Introduction

The world seems so close for a man embracing his dream towards success and few people take this solid truth because they thought that dream is unrealistic. Some tends to be eaten by their own system while others take risk. Each one of us runs in the same direction straight forward to our destination, the road of success.

Many people desire an abundant and prosperous life but they are set up by their own internal nature, to win the race, we need to be internally motivated.

There are three people in this world: Some of the people wander why things happen, most of them witness things to happen and few people make things to happen, which one is your mindset now? Would you exchange your 1$ in my 5$ dollars? or your 5$ to my 10$? Take a second to get rid of me by setting your mind. Everyone learns at something in different ways on our own pattern but how we seized the right opportunities that come along in our life?

Mind setting is a power of imagination. It is a tool sowing your potential to become a great individual for the next day. We’re striving hard to get there. A thing that could measure your success is your learning. Here are the three things to consider on becoming more successful in achieving your goals in life.

1. Heads-up to your great potential.

Sometimes, we may not realize the essence of our abilities but there’s a gift given to us by our omnipotent master to unleash our full potential to become the most successful person and we may become successful beyond of our widest dream. Of course, you should know yourself better, identify your strength and weaknesses and facing the real you. The achievement of your goal is rest assured the moment you commit yourself to it and believe that you can do something to make it happen

The first thing that you need to consider is to open your eyes to your great potential by setting your mind and goals in life. Some great person believed that goal is vital, without it you can’t succeed because you don’t know where you’re going unless you commit yourself to it. You will always have the things you wanted in life unless you change how you are because formal education that you learned from school will make you a living and self-education that you learned from your bold experiences will make you successful in life.

People have different choices in life but there are two choices dominated; We can make a living or we can design a life. It is in your hands now on how you seize the opportunity. Take for a moment and take up one idea, act on it, and make that one idea your life. Think, dream, and live on that idea. You let your brain, muscles, nerves, and every part of your body be full of that idea.

Setting goals are so easy to do yet 95% of the people in this world never set goals because they’re just never take the time. And who do you think are the most successful? The 5 % group of course, the highest-earning people. If you want to be in the 5% group then, don’t even think about ignoring the goal-setting.

2. Begin with realistic plan.

Winning starts with beginning, an athlete who run fast begins from the starter line before he will reach the finish line.

Success begins with failures and take us time to deal with its task and make it perfect, we should always think before we utter words. Even Pia Wurtzbach, a 2015 Miss Universe failed for many times before she crowned as Miss Universe even Steve, the host failed to announce from the first place the big winner but he accepted his mistake and make an apology in declaring the Miss U was Miss Columbia and corrected it immediately that Miss Philippines was the Miss U.

If you sealed with something and you fell not moving on your way, start to get started and start whatever you had right now. There’s no perfect time to wait, do the best job you can and always keep learning and moving ahead. In social media, before using your Facebook account you must to sign up and get started, right? We don’t need to be a great person to get started, but we must get started to be great.

We cannot become successful in aiming at something, if we are trying to do many things just for once, we should be realistic in our planning and concentrate our thoughts upon working hand in hand. As they say, “Success demands from a one purpose.

3. Live with your goals and persist until you win.

We don’t give what we don’t have, we don’t need to invest so much to earn something and to pay for our reward because success seems to relate to our action.

Successful people they keep on moving. They make mistakes but they don’t quit or give up other people and things tend to stop you temporarily but we should always remember when things get rough and we don’t quit then that success will come.

Concentrate on the positives and the big picture of your goals. Don’t let changes upset you but instead persist until you win! Know that you will have to deal with the changes, both big and small things, continually. Be prepared to be flexible and to adapt as it is needed.

Winning people know where they are going, they take the time to get there. Communicating with your goals, walking in your talk, setting your mind in a clear and concise manner is relevant. Take time to discover your passions and find out your interest in life. Whatever it is, don’t stop learning.

Learning is very fun and lifelong process which I always emphasize in the field of learning because it awakens our interest to learn in both failures and success. Our success couples with failures and will challenge us to attest how strong we are to embrace the positivity.


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